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2 Bedroom Waterfront Log Cabin
Sleeps 6 poeple

2 Bedroom Waterfront Cabin
(sleeps up to 6)

1-1/2 Bedroom Waterfront Cabin
Sleeps 6 people

1-1/2 Bedroom Waterfront Cedar Cabin
Sleeps 6 people

1 Bedroom Waterfront Log Cabin
Sleeps 6 people

1 Room Waterfront Log Cabin
Sleeps 6 people

Family Cottage - sleeps 4 people

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Largemouth Bass Fishing
Smallmouth Bass Fishing
White Bass Fishing
Walleye & Saugar Fishing
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Bluegill Fishing

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Attractions: Forest Park
Chautauqua Auditorium
General Dacey Trail

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Lincoln Public Square Eternal Flame
Shelby County Courthouse
Shelbyville Public Library
Shelby County Historical & Genealogical Society

Attractions: Unique to Shelbyville
Best Wedding Chapel
Goat Tower
Boarman Chevy BelAir Museum
Roxy Theatre
Thompson Mill Covered Bridge

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Niemerg Family Winery
Vahling Vineyards
Willow Ridge Vineyards & Winery

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General Dacey Trail

Walkers, runners, hikers, and bicyclists are already enjoying the natural beauty that the trail offers. A Grand Opening celebration was held July of 2006 as the first mile of the trail received surface improvements in the spring of 2006. The trail surface was upgraded from dirt and grass to a ten foot wide limestone surface. Another improvement at various locations is the placements of benches for users to rest and take in some spectacular views.

The trail is easily accessible from the Dam West recreation area in the Shelbyville or from behind the Scout cabin in Forest Park in Shelbyville. Maintenance to the trail is performed by volunteers. Additional surface improvements are scheduled for the spring of 2007. Weather permitting winter sports such as cross country skiing and snowmobiling are allowed. Other trails include the Illini Trail, Okaw Bluff, Coon Creek Trail, the 15 mile equestrian trail at Wolf Creek State Park and the mountain bike trail at Camp Camfield.

More information & trail maps at

Click photo to enlarge in new window - These are trails and paths around camp

Lake Shelbyville Trails

Nature, hiking, and backpacking trails provide a variety of hiking opportunities. Precautions should be taken to stay on the marked path. Please remember to pack out what you pack in and leave the trail clean and safe for the next hiker.

Information & Maps Compliments of US Army Corps of Engineers

General Dacey Trail

  • Length: 4 miles start to finish
  • Located: Dam West Recreation Area and makes its way through Shelbyville's Forrest Park. The trail also has a trail head inside Forrest Park.
  • View Map

    Coon Creek Nature Trail

  • Length: .7 mile
  • Located: in Coon Creek Recreation Area, this trail is self-guided. Among the highlights are a lookout tower and succession pond. A variety of trees, flowers, and ferns are identified along this truly scenic trail.
  • View Map

    Camp Camfield

  • Length: 1978 YCC Bike/Hike Trail - 1.8 miles
  • Length: 1979 YCC Bike/Hike Trail - 5.0 miles

    These trails, which are National Recreation Trails, were built by the Youth Conservation Corps. Both trails offer picturesque views of the lake. They each pass by small ponds which are not only photogenic but are excellent fishing sites as well. In addition to the 1979 trail, CIMBA has develop a five mile bike/hike trail that is ready for use.

    A restored prairie is located at the trails entrance. Among the plants reintroduced in this area are Big Bluestem, Switchgrass, Indian Grass, Smooth Aster, Black-eyed Susan, and Purple Coneflower.

    Okaw Bluff Trail

  • Length: 1.2 miles
  • Located: This trail is located at the entrance of the Okaw Bluff Group Camp. The trail, which winds along a bluff overlooking the lake and beside a 100 acre wetlands, includes two photographic stands and a wetland/waterfowl viewing stand. The Great Blue Heron, Spotted Sandpiper, and Canada Goose are a few of the species you may encounter. Be sure to bring a camera!

    The Chief Illini Trail

  • Length: 11 miles

    The Chief Illini Trail, a registered National Recreation Trail, is a scenic journey along the edge of Lake Shelbyville. This point- to-point trail winds across rolling hills and open prairies offering close-up views of the lake. You may begin the trail at either Lone Point Recreation Area or Eagle Creek State Park.

    White blazes, post markings, and mile markers make this intermediate level trail easy to follow.

    Little Chief Illini Trail

  • Length: first 2 miles of the Chief Illini Trail
  • Location: This trail begins at Lone Point Recreation Area and ends near Arrowhead Campground.

    An open-air Adirondack shelter with a fire ring and picnic table is available near the end of the Little Chief Illini Trail by reservation only. Length of stay is for one night only. Overnight group size is limited to 20 people.

    The shelter is for use by persons who hike the trail. Campers must arrive by walking from trail entrances located at either Lone Point or Eagle Creek. To reserve the shelter, contact the Lake Shelbyville Project Office at (217)774-3951.

    State Areas

    Wolf Creek State Park offers a 15 mile equestrian trail which doubles as a snowmobile trail in the winter. There are several trails in Eagle Creek State Park including a three mile cross country trail. The Shelbyville Fish and Wildlife Management Area features a four mile scenic trail that passes the Coneflower Hill Prairie in the Fishhook Area.

    Lake Shelbyville provides visitors an opportunity to experience over 50 miles of developed multi-purpose trails on public lands. The General Dacy Trail Concept Plan is a mult-partnered regional effort to expand recreational trail opportunities into a 170-mile trail network that will provide opportunities for bicycling, hiking, and other recreational trail uses, and provide off-road connectivity between local communities, public recreation areas and other interesting and scenic attractions in the region.

    Lake Shelbyville offers some of the best mountain biking at the Camp Camfield section of the General Dacey Trail with 10.5 miles of trail currently available with a designated bike route connection to the City of Sullivan. A four-mile section in the City of Shelbyville to Forest Park and Dam West is currently being developed and will provide an opportunity for winter sports such as snowmobiling as well as warm weather activities.

    In addition, Wolf Creek State Park provides the only Equestrian Trail on Lake Shelbyville with 15 miles of trail conveniently located adjacent to an equestrian campground. Other trails include the Illini Trail, Okaw Bluff, and Coon Creek Trail. Click here to visit the Dacey Trail website.

    Information Compliments of Lake