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2 Bedroom Waterfront Log Cabin
Sleeps 6 poeple

2 Bedroom Waterfront Cabin
(sleeps up to 6)

1-1/2 Bedroom Waterfront Cabin
Sleeps 6 people

1-1/2 Bedroom Waterfront Cedar Cabin
Sleeps 6 people

1 Bedroom Waterfront Log Cabin
Sleeps 6 people

1 Room Waterfront Log Cabin
Sleeps 6 people

Family Cottage - sleeps 4 people

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Lake Shelbyville Crappie Fishing

Crappie are a big draw for Lake Shelbyville because they can be caught in great numbers and can get huge compared to Crappie in other inland lakes. Some of our guests have reported catching 100 keepers in a day.

The Crappie spawn in May and are fat and heavy this time of year and fight extra hard. While other fish seem to migrate after spawning, the Crappie can be found all year along the shore and in the back shallow bays. They are easy to catch and a lot of fun on ultra-light gear.

Crappie have been caught in the lake that exceed 15 inches and regulations have changed so that anglers, when keeping Crappie, have to have half their limit under 10 inches. This regulation was not designed to protect larger Crappie. In actual fact, the regulation is designer to minimize the population of smaller Crappie so the large ones have more food to grow even larger. The numbers of Crappie in Lake Shelbyville are so great that a conservation approach is not needed. The prospect of catching bigger Crappie will help bring more tourism to the area.

If you have never eaten Crappie before then you are in for a big treat. Their meat is highly prized as being very mild like Walleye and they are also described my many anglers as being sweet. There are also many ways to cook Crappie and it's the type of fish kids love to eat.

Lake Shelbyville has no cottages or resorts on its shores. Robin Hood Woods is only 2.5 miles from Lake Shelbyville and its multiple boat-launches.

Crappie - excellent - Crappie fishing was excellent in fall 2009 and has been improving ever since. Crappie fishing in 2010 has been very good with fishermen catching limits of fish, including fish up to 15". Fall fish populations surveys indicate that good numbers of legal size crappie were present.

The largest white crappie collected during the 2010 fall survey was 14 inches and weighed 1.2 lbs. The largest black crappie collected during the 2010 fall survey was 11 inches and weighed 0.8 lbs. The largest crappie reported from tournaments was 2.0 lbs.

The crappie regulation changed in April, 2007 and so far has been popular with fishermen. Fishermen will be able to keep ten (10) crappie, 10" and larger, PLUS an additional five (5) crappie less than 10". This regulation is designed to thin out the smaller crappie slightly to provide a small boost in growth rate. Fishing prospects for crappie should be excellent for both numbers and size in 2011 and for several years.

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